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Carola's universe was forever transformed from the moment she first stepped inside a circus tent.
A new world of wonder and magic awaited her, and she knew she had found her calling.

After completing the "Circus and Dance Professional Course" at Circo de las Artes, she wowed audiences with her Dance Trapeze act at the "CIRCUBA 2017" Circus Festival, earning multiple awards and standing ovations.
Since then, Carola's performances have continued to amaze audiences in high-level events and shows, including "The Unbelievables" by The Works Entertainment and "Varélia" by Cirque du Soleil. She even won
the "Best Staging" award at the "FIRCO 2019" Iberoamerican Circus Festival.

Passionate about continuously challenging herself and expanding her artistic horizons, Carola teamed up with her partner Fabian in 2020 to create a new duo straps act. They are currently captivating audiences with their
performance in "Keine halben Sachen" at GOP Varieté-Theater Bremen & Bonn, Germany, under the GOP Entertainment banner.

Carola's passion for the circus arts has taken her on a remarkable journey, from performing at prestigious events and shows to winning awards and recognition from industry experts. With her unrelenting commitment to pushing her artistic boundaries, Carola continues to captivate audiences around the world with her breathtaking performances. 

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